Are free promotional or giveaway items really FREE? 

Yes! They are completely free! It is our chance to offer something cool and new to our amazing customers for little to no cost! All we ask is that you cover shipping and handling.  

If you have any suggestions on promotional items that you would LOVE to see please email us hello@skyeclothes.com! 

For additional information and exclusions on promotional and/or giveaway items, please see the product page. 

Why am I being asked to "verify" my payment?

You are asked to verify payment because SkyeClothes using secure anti-fraud checkout. This is done to avoid any fraudulent and unauthorized payments. 

When will I receive my order?

We try to process orders to ship within 1-3 business days hours however depending on the designer and distribution center, certain products could take up to 7 business days for processing. If a longer processing time is anticipated, the information should be displayed at the bottom of the product page.

Note: Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email right after your purchase.  Once an your shipment is ready, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. You will also receive any notification if there will be any delays. 

If you have questions regarding your order please email us at hello@skyeclothes.com.  

Why did my order come at different times and different packages?

Skye Clothes works with multiple designers and distribution facilities to bring to you a variety of styles. Depending on the designer, items could be shipped out at different times. This is done in order to help expedite the shipping process to get your items to you sooner! 

What size clothes does Skye Clothes offer?

We try our hardest to find and offer as many different styles and sizes from XS to 5XL for all of our customers! 

What if I don't know what size clothing to order?

Please refer to your sizing link or feel free to email us at hello@skyeclothes.com

Can I return my items if I do not like them?

Please see our refund policy. 

My item came broken or defective, what do I do? 

Please see our refund policy. Follow the instructions and if you additional questions please email us at hello@skyeclothes.com.